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Rainwater Harvesting Maintenance Advice Print E-mail

Rainwater Harvesting Maintenance is an important issue. Although a rainwater tank is an iconic Australian household feature not all householders have experience of designing and maintaining rainwater harvesting systems. Rainwater harvesting systems are generally simple to maintain however some information is needed to meet community standards and provide personal and public benefits. 

The NSW Department of Planning has developed Rainwater Harvesting System Guidelines which the RHAA enthusiastically support. In addition to the Guidelines the RHAA have prepared additional content for specific audiences in NSW on particular aspects of rainwater harvesting. These audiences are

  • Architects and Designers
  • Plumbers
  • Builders

The following content has been provided to support rainwater harvesting 

This material has been prepared as a result of discussions with the NSW Department of Planning although RHAA is solely responsible for the material. The RHAA provides these as general principles with no implied liability for the advice. In all circumstances you should rely on your own sources for advice that will meet your specific needs. 

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