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Recent Papers

Snapshot: Rainwater Harvesting in Australia 2014 (289kb PDF) - Michael Smit, National Programs Manager, savewater! Alliance

Publications from the Rainwater Harvesting Association of Australia:

Effectiveness of rainwater harvesting for management of the urban water cycle in South East Queensland (1.6mb PDF)

A systems framework of big data driving policy making - Melbourne's Water Future (790kb PDF)

Rainwater Consumer Guide (14mb PDF)

Discussion Paper: Implementation of a Sustainable National Urban Water and Energy Savings Program (1.11mb PDF)

Rainwater tank quality control part 1 (79.54kb PDF) 

Rainwater tank quality control part 2 (99.65kb PDF) 

Setting up your rainwater supply part 1 (107.85kb PDF) 

Setting up your rainwater supply part 2 (43.49kb PDF) 

Setting up your rainwater supply part 3 (290.23kb PDF) 

Mosquito proofing your tank (63.56kb PDF) 

Filtration and water treatment (292.83kb PDF) 

Energy intensity (75kb PDF)



Other useful publications:

Studies from South East Queensland

Health Studies on Rainwater Tanks

Storage in Rainwater Tanks prior to Storm Events




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