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The Rainwater Harvesting Association is the national representative body of the Australian rainwater harvesting industry.



Australians have a long standing love affair with water tanks - for good reasons


Davey is a proud Rainwater Harvesting member

The Association works to:

·  support sustainable water use in Australia;

·  support the 5.1 million Australians who own a rainwater tank (ABS, 2013);

·  promote rainwater harvesting as an integral part of sustainable water management; 

·  maintain standards and guidelines for rainwater harvesting in Australia.

These actions grow and develop the $500 million Australian rainwater harvesting industry.

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What is the Latest?

20 March 2017 The Rainwater Harvesting Design Specification for above ground tanks for residential dwellings, a joint project with Urban Water Cycle Solutions is almost finished. Read more here, and attend the launch presentation on 4 May in Melbourne here

15 December 2016 A Water Sensitive SA free event in association with the RHAA at the Adelaide Town Hall on The new economy, rainwater harvesting, stormwater management & multi-scale benefits across the city, for details and to register see the Ripple Effect blog


21 October 2016 The latest breakfast event and RHAA AGM  in Brisbane. Integrated Water Management in 21st Century Business with speakers from Stocklands, Currumbin Ecoresort and E2Designlabs. Check out the Ripple Effect blog and flyer for the event. Copies of the presentations are at Events

15 July 2016 The Ripple Effect blogsite has a new URL, it can now be found at You may need to update your bookmarks.

June 2016 RHAA presentation at the ARMO International Conference for Rotational Moulders on the Gold Coast on Rainwater Harvesting Independence and Resilience. This presentation launches the RHAA/ARMA joint project on Independent Water 

May 2016 New blog on the rainwater health debate Rainwater health debate


April 2016 New blog on sustainable households and measuring data Sustainable Households


April 2016 The RHAA enjoyed some great speakers on the future of Australian Housing Design and different ways to manage water at the Breakfast workshop in Sydney. The event is covered in our latest blog The future is here it is just not evenly distributed


March 2016 New blog on the rise and rise of household expenditure on mains water Household Water Expenditure


March 2016 New blog on the lessons from the Milennium drought Managing Drought


March 2016 New blog on Rainwater harvesting maintenance providers Who you gonna call?


February 2016 New blog on Rainwater Harvesting System Maintenance - Pumps

February 2016 The Rainwater Harvesting Association's next breakfast event will be in Sydney on April 20 on the future of housing design in Australia

February 2016 Rainwater Harvesting Summer 2016 News

December 2015 A great report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Rainwater Harvesting, on the Ripple Effect - Rainwater Harvesting goes Mainstream


December 2015 - Press Release - $500 million of water from rainwater tanks as Governments ignore rainwater harvesting


November 2015 Three new blogs on the Ripple Effect in November
El Nino 2015 and the Cost of Water,
Rainwater Harvesting is an integrated Policy Solution,
Rainwater Harvesting System Maintenance - Design

25 November 2015 - Clarification The RHAA is pleased at the level of interest in the report by Dr PJ Coombes et al about water servicing costs, sustainable buildings policy and rainwater harvesting. The newspaper article in the Sunshine Coast Daily on 23 November 2015 has added two different elements of the report, the whole of society benefit and the water utility profits, to derive a figure of $7.3 billion. This figure was subsequently quoted by the ABC Sunshine Coast Radio and is not correct. The whole of community benefit is actually $3.5 billion between now and 2056, the increased profitability of water utilities of $3.8 billion is a different macroeconomic benefit that cannot be added to the whole of society benefit. We thank the Sunshine Coast Daily and the ABC Sunshine Coast for supporting this important discussion.

November 2015 - Notice of AGM 3pm, 26 November Dove and Olives Hotel, Surry Hills, Sydney
October 2015 - El Nino 2015 - Getting Hot. The El Nino event is a big one, and is likely to intensify heatwaves in urban areas on the Ripple Effect Blog

September 2015 - Wicking Beds, this is the Rolls Royce of Vegetable beds on the Ripple Effect blog

August 2015 - RHAA makes submissions to the Australian Building Control Board on backflow prevention and rainwater harvesting

August 2015 - Sustainable Buildings Breakfast Zinc at Federation Square Melbourne, presentations are now available for downloading here

June 2015 - Press release - Rainwater Harvesting Association welcomes Senate Enquiry into non-conforming building products

June 2015 - Breakfast conference in Brisbane 11th June - Presentations for Download

May 2015 -  Launch of the sustainable water use blog site - The Ripple Effect  

May 2015 -  Invitation to our industry breakfast - 11 June, Brisbane Event - Sustainable Housing 

May 2015 - Press Release - This rainwater tank is worth more than a new car 

May 2015 - RHAA purchases the not for profit sustainable water use blog Ripple Effect from the savewater Alliance

April 2015 - Membership invoices sent out for 2015/16

January 2015 - Press Release - Realising our assets in rainwater

November 2014 - CSIRO study on savings and conditions of rainwater tanks released 

August 2014 - Sydney Event Presentations - download the rainwater harvesting presentations here


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